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Using bizmediafire.com, you can publish news updates, technology, biography, business, crypto, fashion, health, law, travel, and entertainment topics. Our blog provides information about fashion, technology, biography, law, and many other topics. Everybody can share their ideas through words through the Fedex Hub Guest Posting section.

Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful reading experience. Through our blogs, we aim to provide you with Technology information that most of us are unaware of.

To put it simply, we want to share Tech knowledge and connect people from around the world, so that you have a good Tech news site that allows you to share and gain knowledge.

I would love to hear about your news knowledge, so feel free to leave a comment or contact us. I look forward to hearing about your contribution to the world of good Tech news. Our team is always looking for enthusiastic writers.

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Post to biz media fire. Your acknowledgement is appreciated. You should read it. They are, in fact. There is a binding on it. According to this contract. As well as any other bizmediafire usage agreements that may govern your conduct. Bizmediafire is pleased to have you as a member.

Guidelines for submitting articles

  1. Articles should be between 500 and 3000 words long.
  2. Format: Articles should be. The language used is standard English. Tone should be informative and educational. Include titles, headings, subheadings, and brief paragraphs of less than 300 words. The word article must appear in sentences with a summary. Text’s purpose or topic.
  3. It is very important to have high-quality content. Relevant content is essential. The report is unbiased. It is not an advertisement.
  4. Article topics must be related to “News Update, Biography, Technology, business, Law, Crypto, Entertainment, fashion, Health, Travel, and more general topics”.
  5. Contributors are required to submit at least two photos with their articles. Make sure the images can be used. Images can be edited on Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, and Canva.com. The URL of the images should be included with the images.
  6. Provide at least one outbound permanent backlink that is both necessary and authoritative.
  7. Originality: All submissions must be completely original and must not have been published elsewhere. Include any pictures. Their use must be unrestricted.
  8. If necessary, we reserve the right to edit the formatting and wording of your article.
  9. Lastly, please avoid. We do not accept spam or robotics pitches. Being genuine is important. Send us your best writing. The audience here is really good, and we don’t want to disappoint them!

Our posts include:

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If you are unable to pay, we will remove only the link to the post, not the actual post, if you are unable to pay.

If a link has been broken for seven days, we remove it within seven days.

We do not accept sponsored posts about CBD, alcohol, casinos, adults, sex, or drugs.

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